Sita Huber

Sita Huber, BHSc (Nutritional Medicine), is a Holistic Nutritionist and creator of the Beauty Fuel Diet for Australia’s Next Top Model. Her philosophy is simple: nourishment not punishment.

The foundation of Sita’s philosophy is that our health and happiness, and capacity to experience the pleasures of life, are deeply connected to the biochemistry of our hormones.

When our body’s are adequately nourished and in harmony, then we will be free to become our healthiest most vibrant selves.

Sita encourages us to connect with our center and tune back into a place of innate knowingness, breaking free from the noise and confusion of modern life. Instead of dieting and depriving ourselves we must develop an intuitive relationship with food,  and generate a deeper understanding of the messages it brings; working with our bodies, not against them.

We’ve been shutting ourselves down for far too long and have lost touch with our own intuitive power. Food is a source of re-connection both biochemically, and energetically.

By understanding the importance of what we eat day to day, and cultivating a relationship with ourselves that is nurturing and bursting with love, we can experience a new level of vitality and joy in our bodies. This allows us to access the healing power of food to balance our hormones, metabolism and more.

Sita is a passionate speaker, brand ambassador and wellness advocate. She founded Mind Body IQ as a platform for sharing cutting edge health information and is available for one on one Consultation, Workshops, and Speaking. Sita is also Nutrition Director for Benny Button, a disruptive corporate wellness platform that is pioneering a personalised approach to employee wellbeing and performance improvement.

In 2017 Sita will host Eat in Love with the The Love Destination, as well as a series of Beauty Fuel Workshops and guest speaking for various lifestyle and health events. Sita is also proud to be a feature health expert for Running Divas.

Sita has previously featured in Mind Body Green, Smiling Mind, Yum. Gluten Free, WA Today, The Sydney Morning Herald, Headspace, I Am Woman, The Love Destination Expert Series, Nourish and Nature & Health magazines.

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